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Surprise, surprise! Yet another page to my site! I am no writer but sometimes I do record my thoughts and dreams and things like that. So this is my writing page. This section of my website gets harder to manage as it gets bigger and I write more so I have made this index page for it. This way it will be a lot easier for my visitors to find their way around, remember where they have been, and find it easier to spot changes and new additions when I make them.

This is where fantasy becomes reality and dreams merge into the subconscious mind. Spinning vortex of insanity weaves it's way through the maze of life. Let yourself go to sail down the river of your dreams. Feel all that is around you and let it fill your senses with it's enchantment. Still beware though as this is not all the happy writing (and some of it is comedy!) it is just my general thoughts as I have them. Think of this place as my thought journal!

Midsummer In Sweden - A dedication to my sister Unicorn and her husband Nicke

My Love Poetry - A dateless collection of loving poems that I have written through my younger life

March Through April 1995 - Unnamed poetry

May Through July 1998 - Unnamed poem

Monday 25th September 1995 - Random brainfart

Monday 10th October 1995 - A healthy dose of paranoia

Monday 1st June 1998 - Unnamed poem

Tuesday 2nd June 1998 - Random brainfart

Wednesday 2nd September 1998 - Unnamed poem

Friday 18th September 1998 - A poem I wrote to a special friend of old....who I am proud to report that I am still friends with now and as far as I am concerned always will be friends with

Thursday 3rd June 1999 - "Plane Thoughts - Lost In Time Again"

Tuesday 3rd August 1999 - "My Prince And His Lady"

Miscellaneous Works By Others That I Like - These are poems I have read somewhere or that friends of mine have written that I like. If you have a poem or two you think that I may like or would perhaps not mind having added to this site please feel free to send it to me!

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