Dragon Love, a picture which represents my spirit

While traveling through cyberspace you have happened upon my homepage. Currently I am still working on the expansion and upgrade though this is something I will probably be doing for the rest of my life because personally I don't think I will ever be totally satisfied with the way I have done this site. I will always find something that needs to be different or added here... But feel free to take a look around and come back every so often.

So where do we start? A bit about me: I love to dream. Sometimes dreams can be the sweetest. So sweet that you fear reality will shatter your dreams. I am a lover of music (especially music I can dance to), literature (all kinds and styles of writing) and art (mostly fantasy and landscape). Most of my life I spend working on my PC, chatting with friends all over the world, sleeping (though not usually much sleep) and organizing trips to go to places overseas that I really want to visit. Most of all I love my freedom. My freedom to be me, go where I want to go and do what I wanna do.

In these web pages will be some of the things that are a part of me, what I do and also the things I like. I am not too picky but I like people with a good attitude, at least decent personality and a mind of their own (as long as they use the mind because it is useless to have it if you don't use it!). I myself like to get to know a whole person. So these pages, though personal, are impersonal in the same breath as they only show what I don't mind you seeing. Not all of it is that happy, lovey kinda stuff......there is some really down in the dumps stuff too. But it is all relative to me in some fashion. Well enough of my silly ramblings now on with the show.

  • My Photos - WARNING! This page is not for the weak-stomached or weak-hearted!! Enter at your "OWN" risk!

  • My 21st Birthday Family Barbeque Party - For my 21st birthday my mother planned a lunchtime barbeque with some of our family friends. After the barbeque I went out to a club to drink and dance.

  • Dress-Ups - This page is a page of pictures of me, my best friend at the time and my 2 half sisters doing what we did best at that age...getting up to mischief and into mom's wardrobe and dressing up in what we found in there.

  • Miscellaneous Pics Of Me - This page contains miscellaneous pics of me. Mostly ones from when I was a lot younger.

  • My Family - My family are an important part of my life. On this page are my blood family and I have also included my personally adopted family as well.

  • My Daughter - I made up a page for my daughter, MunchkinAngel, and this is it. For now seeing as she was only born on 19th October 1996 it does not have much content yet. Still as time goes on it will grow as she does and one day she will take over the running of it for herself.

  • My Friends - These are pictures of my dear friends who would let me put pictures of them online. Also here there is a bit of writing on each of those I do not have pictures of but I thought deserved a mention. Each of them is individual and I myself cannot tell you a lot about them. Some have their own homepages which you can take a look at. They all mean so much to me. Each one is special to me in a way that only they are. I always enjoy talking to all of them. Most of them come from IRC.

  • My Writing - This book contains my scribbled down thoughts and not all of them are happy thoughts or sane thoughts. Just thought I had better warn you before you enter here. It consists of a mixture of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

  • Scenery Of Australia - Here are some photos I have taken of some of my favorite places that I have seen in my travels of Australia.

  • My Favorite Art Collection - Here is a collection of pictures I found online that I really like so I wanted to share with you all.

  • My Personal Music Collection - On the rack here you will find a list of the music that I like. If there is something that is not there that you think I would like then feel free to tell me about it. I like finding new music to enjoy and like most kinds of music.

  • The Official Saga Vikings Group Inc. Homepage - This is the homesite of a Viking re-enactment group in Australia called Saga Vikings that I am a member of. My Viking name is Ostara - after Ostara, the patroness of Easter. I created this website for the group, but it is still in the "being built" stages so please excuse the mess around.

  • My IRC Channel #odd_swedes - This is the homesite of my IRC channel called #odd_swedes on IRC DALnet. The channel is currently undergoing serious reconstruction at the moment so everyone please bear with me.

  • The Phoenix Dawn - Step aboard my ship sailors and landlubbers alike... all are welcome to take a look around. Just try not to upset the crew too much. She has been my ship since I was promoted to being her Captain by the late Admiral Skyhopper. She is currently in docks recieving a refitting so you will have to excuse the mess about the place...

  • CatherineII (also called Catherine the Great) - This was the one whom my mother and godfather originally named me after.

  • My Favorite Links - These are the places I like to go when I am surfing around.


This Is Lady Kittara


My View Of The World
And All That Is Around It

One of my favorite topics in the world is space and the universe. The universe is a beautiful and wondrous thing. Space Exploration and Astronomy are topics which many people find of interest, myself included. Some of us love it for study and some of us just for the beauty of it. The universe is a vast subject which I feel no single person could ever cover the full of. The topic still reaches beyond the full knowledge of even our smartest and most knowledgeable people that we have in the world. Though each day as we work together on the subject our knowledge of it increases. Our world is just a grain of sand in one little corner of the vastness which surrounds us.

I am very much a traveling girl. So far I have been to Australia, Sweden and Thailand. Soon I am off to Japan and America. In the future sometime I want to go to Scotland, Italy, France, Africa and Malta at least. Australia is my birth country. My home country. Currently it is only homebase while I travel and gather knowledge of other people and places but it will always be my home country no matter where in the world I choose to live in the long run. It is a very beautiful country but so are many others in their own ways. So far Sweden is the country in which I am intending to live in the long run. I was in Sweden from the 3rd May to 30 July 1998. Since leaving it I get terribly homesick for it. But my time in Sweden I shall cover in another page which I will create especially for the topic of my travels. The below links shall grow as I cover each country in the world... But for now these are the only ones I have even started on.

Space Exploration

Astronomy Australia
Sweden Italy

This page was last updated by Lady Kittara on 11th August 1999. Everywhere on the net that you go you see it all the time "This Page Is Under Construction". Well I think that most pages on the web will always be "under construction" because people and businesses grow and change all the time. So I join the endless queue of "construction workers" on the net. Until the day I die this page will never be complete.... and even then it may still not be completed. So keep checking back from time to time because you never know when or where you may find something new here. Thank you all for bearing with me and I hope you enjoy the site.

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