My Family Graphic

Ahhh there you are! This is the page about my family. Let me introduce you around a bit. Some of the family member nicknames have links from them. These are the ones I have pictures of. I have a few more photos too but I have yet to talk to them and ask if I can get pictures of them to put on this site. For now you will just have to read about these members of my family.

My Blood Family - These are my blood family members. The ones I was born with and those that they married.

The next sector of my family I would like you to meet are my personally adopted family. They are from all over the world and I do not yet have photos of them all so you will have to settle for me just telling you about most of them.

First off I will start with my newly adopted mommie and daddie, Vampraya (or AngelDeath) and SilverThorn. They are the best parents any lil angel could ask for and they look after me well. They are also quite a cute couple *grins* I love you always mommie and daddie!!!! Mommie and daddie have a few adopted children: Myself (the DancingAngel) and Krystalina.

Next off I will introduce my lil sister Lady Crystal Tearsiliene (more commonly known as White Vixen). She lives in Canada. I adopted her and her mother. Her mother is my adopted mother Ashanda (also known as Lady Luthien). My sister is engaged to LFD, who I have now adopted as my brother for this reason.

Threaton is mine and White Vixen's online adopted daddy. He is always trying to keep us behaving but... well... anyone who knows me knows that this little kitten will probably NEVER behave herself! I am always looking for new mischief to get myself into... I think I may even be a bad influence on my innocent little sister... *whistles and tries to look innocent but does not think that it is working* When it comes to bed time we wait until dad (Threaton) is asleep (online asleep or gone offline) and then we sneak out for our usual night of online fun... but do not tell him that! Sometimes I think that he knows that I do it... DOH!

Next in my adopted family is Unicorn and her husband Nicke. There have been so wonderful to me. They helped to look after me when I was in Sweden between May and July 1998. Unicorn and Nicke were the ones who met me at Arlanda Airport and the ones I stayed with for my first night, midsummer and last week in Sweden. They organised a barbeque party to welcome to me to Sweden. At this barbeque was Unicorn, Nicke, Aquaricat and me. Unfortunately I do not have photos yet of these parts of my family though photos were taken of me with them during my time in Sweden. We have not yet had a chance to scan these photos.

The next of my family are my 5 adopted brothers in Sweden (Olofsson, [troll], Luck_Dragon, DaWolfie and Lord Rayne). I have photos of these guys but I need to get their permission yet to put up some photos of them on this page. I adopted Olofsson and [troll]. DaWolfie, Luck_Dragon and Lord Rayne adopted me.

Street is a brother that I adopted who lives in the USA. Street is a brilliant writer who has had an offer to be published by Stephen King. Hopefully one day soon he will give me some of his writing to put up on my site too. I have yet to get Street's permission to put up a photo of him on this site and I have to get a photo off him for this purpose so Street deary if you are reading this e-mail me!!! *lol*

Eternal_Chaos is an adopted brother of mine from Canada. I first met him in a fantasy/roleplaying channel in IRC called #fantasy. This channel belongs to a good friend of mine called Kalytyra, who you will find on my friends page. Eternal_Chaos has helped me out so much. Every time I needed someone to talk to or to cry on the shoulder of, he was there for me. Eternal_Chaos is dating my sister SweetestThing and she really is the SweetestThing :)

Mad Gamer is an adopted brother through White Vixen. Some of Mad Gamer's poetry can be found on both the Phoenix Dawn site and my writing page under "Fave Poems written by others". She adopted him so that makes him my adopted brother too I guess. We have a rather large adopted online network of family now. I love them all and wish them the best in their lives. One day I will get around to meeting all of my adopted family. So far I have managed to meet only Luck_Dragon, Unicorn and Nicke in real life but I have talked to a few of them on the phone.