My Friends Graphic

Hey there you are again! So nice of you to check my site out fully! In the future I hope to be able to put pics of me with all the friends I visit here but for now you will just have to cope with looking at me and a couple of friends that were taken a few years ago. If any of these girls or guys should chance upon this page they can e-mail me. This page is currently under heavy recontruction so all people just have to bear with it for a few days... Thanx all! Also I have compressed the images contained within for use on the web so it wil not do you much good to download the copies to your machine. I also did this to protect the rights of the owners of the photos. If you want the better versions you will have to e-mail me and I will ask for the person's permission to send them to you. All the photos contained within are copyright of their respective owners.

Enough of the babble on with the introductions!