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Friend's Homepages

Home Of Ahnberg

Ahnberg is Ahnberg, what more to say about him? Go take a look for yourself!

Micke's Roliga Hemsida

Warning! This page is in Swedish! This is the homepage of the guy that I shared an apartment with for swedish summer of 98 :-)

Home Of Space Beer

Well the name says it all. Yes he is a weird one! Just go take a look. Space Beer used to be one of my neighbours and friends where I lived in the apartment with Dirtball.

Home Of Nalle

I have known Nalle for a while now too. He is really nice. Mostly we tallk in IRC where he is known as Heavens_Gate.

If you are a friend who has a homepage I do not know of you can e-mail me the URL and I will add it here.

Musical Links


"The other white music" - The Lisas... Good friends of my family.

Angela Motter

Another Good Singer Whose Lyrics Carry A Strong Message

Hjalle&Heavy HeaveN

The Official Hjalle&Heavy homepage

Lisa Ekdahl
Beundrar Sida

Warning! This site is in swedish! It is a website devoted to the Swedish singer Lisa Ekdahl.

Lisa Ekdahl

This is a page devoted to translation of Lisa Ekdahl's lyrics for those who are not so good at understanding Swedish. It is done by a girl called Emily. I congratulate her very much as I am one of those people who is not so good at speaking Swedish but I like Lisa Ekdahl's music. I always wondered what the lyrics were in english translation. Thanx Emily for this site!

Official Homepage

This is the official homepage of Antiloop


To Be Added


To Be Added

If you know of a good musical link that you think should be listed here, you can e-mail me the URL and I will take a look at it.

Miscellaneous Links

FREE Windows 95/98/NT Newsletter

Lockergnome: A FREE Windows E-mail Newsletter. I have been receiving this one since 1st January 1996 and think that it is one of the few newsletters online that is worth recieving. It is full of good technical advice and stuff like that.


LockerZoo is the award winning fan website for members of the Lockergnome newsletter and newsgroup. Professionaly done, this site has PC related link, tips and tricks a few surprises.

Rivernet Communications USA

A small company in Billings MT (USA). Professional web design, PC/Server repair, Networking, and software training. We speak English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese... This is a company that I am affiliated with too.


A good free web-based e-mail address.


Another good free web-based e-mail address.


My favorite search engine online

Swedish/English Dictionary

If you need to translate a word or two either to or from Swedish or English this site is wonderful and rather handy!

The mIRC Homepage

This is where you can find mIRC.

mIRC & Scripts

This site has mIRC scripts and add-ons

Xaviera's ICQ Photolist

This is a great site for all the ICQ junkies out there. Xaviera has put together this site containing photos and contacts for people on ICQ. To Xaviera I have to say: "Keep up the great work!"


To Be Added


To Be Added

If you know of any good links that you think should be listed here, you can e-mail me the URL and I will take a look at it.