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"Poetry Written March Through April 1995"

March - April 1995

Watching the particles of sanity,
Slipping away with reality,
Wishing it would someday end,
Before to hell, you, it sends.
Slowly you emotions fade,
Everything passes in the day,
Darkness closes in around you,
You lose sight of what to do.
Too scared to move,
For fear you'll end up in the groove,
Of utter despair and desolation,
Your soul sentenced to demolition.
Your mind fades,
As your body decays,
So you sit there and wonder,
Is there sunshine behind the rain and thunder?


What come tomorrow,
A never-ending yesterday.
What do you do,
When there's nothing you can say.
A teardrop of innocence,
Spoilt by the blood of anger.
Things which happen,
But should not occur....
Forever trying, fighting,
The powerful backblast.
Throwing me forever back
Hurtling back to the past.


Everything seems
To be my fault,
They should
Lock me in a vault.
Leave me there
To rot in despair,
For silence reaches
Beyond the breaches.


The voices of loneliness
Echoing in my head,
To pure insanity
I am being led.
Not knowing
From day to day,
What you are
And aren't allowed to say.
If you do not obey
The punishment is hefty,
Still I continue on
Ignorant and deafly.
Now I must accept
What I have bought upon myself,
Now my ceramic vase
Shall fall from the top shelf.

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