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Midsummer In Sweden

Thursday 18th June 1998

These next 3 poems I dedicate to my beloved adopted sister Unicorn and her husband, my adopted brother, Nicke. These were written during the best midsummer I have had in my life and one of the best I will ever have. I had a dry spell in my writing... Just no inspiration. This particular weekend they invited me to spend with them at their cabin with them. It was this weekend that they got married so I got to be at the wedding. It was so beautiful and peaceful the first day there and then we had the best party and all of us got quite drunk and had a lot of fun. The rest of the story there is for those who were there to remember *smiles and winks at sis and bro then laughs merrily* I love Unicorn and Nicke with all my heart. They did more for me during my time in Sweden than I will ever be able repay them for. *disappears dreamily behind her veil of memories to reminisce while you read on*

Midsummer At Unicorn's Cabin

The water laps at the shore,
The birds sing all around,
The cool breeze blows upon my face,
True peace here my heart has found.
The fire crackles in the fireplace,
Flowers in bloom sit by the stair,
From inside I feel bleed away,
My every woe and care.
A drink or two and all is well,
It doesn't really matter what will happen,
Now has come the time to relax and enjoy,
Midsummer at Unicorn's cabin.

Saturday 20th June 1998

The party is over,
I am still alive,
When it all started,
Did not know if I'd survive!
Morning is here,
The headache is gone,
From through the clouds,
The warming sun shone.
Time has come,
To clean the leftover mess,
Empty bottles and shot glasses,
Left and right more or less...
The wild night before,
Left on everyone's mind,
Memories of good fun times,
Left a day behind.


The birds are singing sweetly,
Morning has just begun,
The sky is covered over with clouds,
Gone is the warming sun.
Men bathing stark naked,
In the chilly water of the lake,
Hear a *yelp* in goes another,
When they come out see them shake!
Today is midsummer day in Sweden,
A typical summer day here,
A wedding the day before happened,
Between two that I hold dear.
Congratulations are in order,
A midsummer we will not forget,
Love and peace is all around us,
For some the future is set.
As for me on with the day,
All will be the same,
My life is like playing Monopoly,
And I am damn sick of that game!

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