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Monday 10th October 1995

I'm going crazy. People think I am contagious. Maybe I am. I can't show my face in public anymore, but being this cut off is driving me crazy. People look at me and take care to walk around me. That and they stare at me like I am some kind of genetic experiment done on a human. It is only getting worse too. I am losing it. I cannot live in this world and be treated like I am an alien anymore. If no-one can help then I cannot live.

(Note: Since this was written I am glad to say that the days of thinking I was a government genetic experiment, done on a human ova when I was a baby, have now passed...now however, I have to fill out an "alien" registration form and get my "alien" registration number!! I really thought that my first paranoid delusion was much more interesting...)
*smirks to herself schemingly trying to scare the unsuspecting few who don't know her better*

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