"THE DREAM" by Amaymon

Last night, I had the most beautiful dream.
I dreamed I was in a land where the trees were green, and the lakes were blue.
The birds were softly humming songs while soaring through the endless white sky.
The warm sun rays rested on my face.
The land and the people were at one with eachother.
A sense of peace swept over what was becoming my now restless body.
I woke up to find myself in your arms.
The sense of bliss you had given me.
The way my head felt resting on your naked chest was enough to make me want the rest of you naked.
I dreamed of how I would run my hands up and down your soft skin.
I would explore every inch of your body while bringing you into a state of pure bliss as you had I.
But as I lay in your arms, "No," I thought.
This must be a dream

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