"ONE THING" by MetaIra

One thing leads to another
and if our hearts are wise
they will run for cover
from the rain that will surely pursue
if I continue
falling in love with you.

Breaking more than the hearts
of our own chosen lover
surrendering to temptation would result
in our destroying each other
as we would suffer
the guilt of loving another.

Though the temptation
to hold you near
endangers all
that I hold dear,
though this feeling causes fear
it only heightens my desire
to tempt and dare.

Deep within my sickened mind
if I search long enough
I am sure to find
the poison you put into my brain
which is now causing me
this anguish and pain.

Deep within my sickened mind
if I search long enough
I am sure to find
that the poison is your beauty
which makes me blind
to the meaning of my own integrity
as your lovely body
is tempting me.

Blind to truth or reality
blind to the desires
that stir within me,
blind to even my own integrity
as I desire to draw you
near to me.

But I know that one thing leads to another
as we attempt to resist each other
being true to the ones we love
asking for help from above.
"Lord, lead us not into temptation"
a rampant disease destroying our nation
please help us or at least me
to resist the temptation
that this seems to be.
Allow me the power
of keeping my vow
give me the strength
to resist some how
the charms of this angel or devil
that I know to be the woman
sent to this earth
just to tempt me.

Give me the strength just to resist
thinking about how
it would feel if we had just kissed
or how it would be
to lay in her bed
or how it would be
to cup her head
in my hands as I drew her near
crushing to ashes
all I held dear.

Give me the strength just to resist
Cupid's arrow that nicked
as it narrowly missed.

Give me the strength
this poison to repel
and relieve my soul
from this tortured hell
of having a woman
who is such a find
and letting another
make me blind.

Thou shalt not covet
means it is a sin to desire
the passion of another
when around your home fire
sits an angel of a woman
sent from above
an angel with whom
you share a deeper love.

Thou shalt not covet
is a sin of mind
of one betrothed
who goes to find
another woman to give love
when he has a woman at home
sent from above.

The sin of lust
you will come to find
will make the weak
to the fact blind
that it is but a short step
to forget to remind
that rather than love
only destruction they'll find
as their path away from what is right
is turning toward evil's darkness
and away from God's light.

To admit my desire
does not quench this fire
that burns so deep within
to admit my desire
only makes me guilty
of a mortal sin.

To deny this fire
makes me a liar
making my desire a greater sin
to deny this desire
like gasoline on a fire
flashes the passion within.

Thou shalt not covet
even within your own heart.
It is a sin of the mind
with no action needed
to tell it apart.

To desire to kill
but to not take action
is not a sin
and causes no karmic reaction
but if your mind turns blind
to the laws from above
you will have sinned
in even thinking
of cheating on your love.

This is because to covet
is the act of desire
while a separate shalt not
is saved for those who aspire
to the other adulterous sin
which is the act of giving in.

To surrender to such temptation
(it would be my observation)
is akin to letting my obsession
stand in the way of its confession.

Yet to admit one's lust
could break the bonds of trust
consecrated by the Lord above.
Though one is able to lie to oneself,
truth is never hidden
from the one you love.

The vows we have given
to each other
exclude of course
loving another.
But in my mind
they should also negate
the thoughts of desire
that I've had of late.

For me even to contemplate
toying with the hands of fate
fills my soul with self hate
and from my self I wish to separate.

But trapped within my sickened mind
and seen by my eyes that your beauty made blind
is the simple truth that I've come to discover
that one thing leads to another.

I must resist this other lover
worse than destroying all and each other
would be the destruction of one other
were we to fall in love with one another.
God would cry if I took His gift
of a woman so pure and true
and ground it into the dirt
for just a night with you.

God and the angels would surely weep
if my vows I did not keep
if with this other woman
I chose to sleep
turning all of value
into less than cheap.

The angels that ride by my side
would spread their wings
and from me glide
abandoning me
as toward my hell I slide
blinded by your beauty
as I tried to decide
whether integrity
should not have been
my true bride.

Should I not admit
that the fire of my desire
would not subside
or tell to myself
that I had not lied
when all I had done was not denied
the feelings I had deep inside.

Or should I not admit
that to my self I've lied
and that lower than the angels
I shall reside
as with the devil
I have allied
when all I had done
was not denied
the feelings I had
deep inside.

Only my vows
to be true
keeps me from pleading
for love from you.

Only my word
given in trust
has a chance to govern
my obsessive lust
as my desire is affirmed by my pain
and I feel the clouds
swell with rain.

Only my word given and kept
even if with another
my wife had slept
makes it hard for me to accept
that what is good for this gander
differs for the goose
as I will not meander
even in the face of such abuse.

Even forgotten
by love spoiled rotten
or even if dying
and tired of trying
to find a lasting truce

I will not philander
nor let my heart meander
as the pain of desire
serves little use
and I can no longer
endure my own Godless abuse.

Even if obsessed with your laugh and your eyes
and even if tired of her deceitful lies
and even if over time
I've grown to despise
that she has become deaf
to my pleading cries
and even if
one tries and tries,
to give in to desire
would darken the skies.

Even if I were free
from her abuse
and lived on a hill
as a recluse
my love for you
would be of little use
as you have also promises to keep
and a husband with whom to go to sleep.

To give in to this urge within
would constitute a larger sin
as we all would lose
and none would win
for tasting of these fruits of sin
were we to simply embrace and give in.

Cast from Eden for tasting sin
no more than the act
of giving in
I too would follow my chosen destiny
to wander alone
searching for eternity
to re-find the gift that God
already had given to me.

The wounded angels that abandoned me
would watch over in sickened disgust
as I broke and shattered all our dreams
smashing apart all love and trust.

The fleeing angels that once surrounded me
would no longer be guardians of my destiny
which would now be denied for eternity
as your incredible beauty blinded me.

To resist this taste of fruit forbidden
one simple fact
should remain unhidden
that one thing leads to another
is more than enough to discover
as my obsession with you
brings on self inflicted pain
and the clouds of doom
darken with bursting rain.

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