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Hiya all and welcome to my playpen. My mommy is making up this page for me. It will be my homepage. For now there is not much on it but as I grow so will this page. There will be stories of funny things I have done and lots of pictures of me. My birthday was 19th October 1996 so I am only 1 year old so at the moment this page will not have much content. Here are some pictures to start off with though. If you click on the thumbnails you can get the full picture. These first pictures were taken when I was about one to two weeks old. Mom and I were in hospital for the first 6 days of my life. These were taken just after we got out of hospital.

Leilani1  Leilani2  Leilani3

Leilani4  Leilani6  Leilani5

I was always trying to hide from everyone. Got myself into some funny positions often.

Leilani 8

Or there were those times before I could walk when I was just hanging around.

Leilani 7

These next pictures are of me when I was at my cousin Kristen's first birthday. I was 8 months old. Well it was actually at the birthday party for my daddy, his brother and my cousin Kristen. Funny that.. 3 family birthday's in a row. Daddy's, Uncle Daniel's and Cousin Kristen's. So we just had one party for all three of them. It was a fun party. We all got so tired out though.

Leilani 11  Leilani 9  Leilani 12  Leilani 10

These pictures of me were taken around when I was 1 year old. Just like my mom I love to dance around and shake my booties to a good beat.

Leilani 13  Leilani 19

Leilani 15  Leilani 16  Leilani 17  Leilani 18  Leilani 14

The next pictures are of my dear family. My mom, dad, grammy, nanna, uncle, aunty, cousin and me are whom are in these photos.

Me and My Family 1

Me and My Family 2

Here are some pics of some me with my daddy. I have a lot of fun with my dad and he tortures me a lot. He loves me a lot. I am a daddy's girl to the bone!

Daddy and Leilani 1  Daddy and Leilani 2  Daddy and Leilani 4  Daddy and Leilani 5

Daddy and Leilani 3  Flying Leilani

In these photos of me and daddy I was around a year old. The one with the chocolate all over my face was taken at my first birthday after I had gotten into my birthday cake.

Daddy and Leilani 6  Daddy and Leilani 8  Daddy and Leilani 7

This picture of daddy and me was taken in the end of May sometime by a good family friend Wyseman. Doesn't daddy just look like a mad evil genious? *giggles cheekily*

Recent Daddy and Leilani

The next pictures are of my mommy and I. Mommy often had to change my dirty diapers and boy was I sure good at cooking up good ones. Just for her and my daddy. My daddy used to call them "curries" and he thought it would be fun to share this lovely moment with everyone by taking these photos of the early morning nappy change....

My Mommy and Me 1  My Mommy and Me 2

Changetime 1  Changetime 2

Here are some pictures of me with my grandad and my daddy.

Lana 1  Dad, Grandad and Leilani

Last but not least is my dear cousin Kristen, daughter of my father's brother and his girlfriend.

Cousin Kristen 1

Cousin Kristen 1

Here are some pictures of my cousin Kristen and me just hanging out being babies..

Kristen and Leilani 1  Kristen and Leilani 2  Kristen and Leilani 3

Well that is all I got to show of you of me for now. Mommy is trying to get some more recent pics of me to get scanned. I have a lot of family who love me a lot and am a very happy baby most of the time J Except for when I am sick then I am not so happy L Now seeing as mommy does not know how to type in baby then that is all from me. Come back sometimes. I may just do surprise updates sometimes! *giggles cheekily and bids you all farewell until our paths shall cross again* Take care and live life to the fullest!


My mommy last updated my page for me on the 10th April 1999. I love you all and thanks for visiting my homesite. If you want to send me an e-mail feel free! This is sent to my mother's e-mail address until I get my own but she will pass it on for me if you make the subject "To Lani". Hope to hear from you!