Kittara's Friends - Wyseman

Wyseman has been one of my best friends in Australia for quite a few years now. Wyseman is into cars, loud music (techno to be more specific) and computers. He has a 4 wheel drive and a new commodore sedan (it has a sub-woofer and stereo that sounds good). His bedroom is one of the nicest places to be in, that I know of, in summer because he has an air-conditioner, LOUD stereo, fridge, TV and video, computer, phone line.. everything anyone could want in one room :) Wyseman and I used to go for drives together. He is always fun to hang around with. We have driven to some of the nicest places in and around Brisbane. Wyseman will always be one of my best best friends in the entire world. Below there are some pics of him and some of him and I together.

Wyseman 2 Wyseman 3 Wyseman 4 Wyseman and Kittara 1
Wyseman 1