Kittara's Friends - TonyBear

TonyBear is a good friend of mine from the US. The funny thing was how we met. I have been recieving an online magazine type thing called Lockergnome since January 1996. It is one of the few that I find is worth it. Lots of good computer tech news in it. It is done by a guy named Chris Pirillo. I found an address in it for the newgroups they also have for the subscribers of it and I figured that it would not hurt to post my website in there... TonyBear found my website from it and left a message in my guestbook about it. We got to chatting in e-mail and he was doing up a site called the LockerZoo. He listed and linked to my website on there. He also owns and is lead webmaster for a company called "Rivernet Communications USA". It is a small company in Billings MT (USA). They do professional web design, PC/Server repair, Networking, and software training. They speak English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese... I am affiliated with the company too. Now I chat with TonyBear on ICQ whenever I can catch him online. We always have interesting conversations of many varying topics and are both computerholics.