Kittara's Friends - Riva

Riva is a totally cool friend that I first met in my other friend, Kalytyra's, IRC DALnet channel called #fantasy. Riva is very fondly known as "Rivababelicious". He has been a good friend from Sweden for a while now and I hope to get to meet him in real life someday when I am in Sweden. I first met Riva because I was being a snoop and saw the URLs to his homepages on the bottom on an e-mail that he had sent to the #fantasy Ops Mailinglist. From his homepage I nicked his ICQ UIN and we have been chatting through ICQ ever since. The pictures below are of Riva and his dogs. King is the black one and Lotta is the other one. Lotta is a terrier and King is a mix of "Schäfer", Bordercollie and Labrador. You can find out more about Riva (like I did) from his homesites at:


Riva 1 Riva 3
Riva At 15yrs Riva 2 Riva 4
Riva 5 Riva 6 Riva 7
Riva 8 Riva 9 Riva Dog King 1 Riva And His Lotta 1 Riva Dog Lotta 1
Riva Dog King1 Riva King 2