Kittara's Friends - PaprDragn

Twas a fine starlit evening and I had been out for a night ride on faithful dragon. I had set down to go to the tavern for the evening. As usual I was the entertainment. Suddenly I noticed DragnKitt starting to get unsettled over in the corner so I looked toward the door. In the door stood a man with a dragon in tow... Thank god when Skyhopper had this tavern built it was a good thing he built it big enough to accomodate a few dragons... This man in the doorway, he struck me from the start. The fire shone on his face and I knew I had not seen him here before. He introduced himself to me in a gentlemanly fashion. All night we talked and mucked around in the tavern. Twas a fun night. Lots of music, dancing and singing and generally being merry. On a serious note, we have a few things in common like we are both graphic developers (or whatever you want to call the job), though I will never be as good as him :-( *lol* He is great to talk to and fun too. It was GT who I blame for my addiction to IRC. He talked me into going back into IRC after I had developed a safe hatred of it. Gotta admit that talking me round was not hard as we could find no stable platform for chatting and sending files except IRC. ICQ was having one of those mega hacky days that day. So I went in that first day to meet him in there and now I am addicted to IRC though the channels I visit and the people I chat with in there are very different now. I have known Papr since about 1997. To find out more about Papr you can go look at his website at:

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