Kittara's Friends - The Mystics

The Mystics are very good friends of mine that I met originally in an IRC DALnet channel called #fantasy. The Mystics consists of Mystic_1, MystikBabe and their 2 little ones (Michael and Darian who is in the pic below with daddy). I have spent many fun hours chatting with them since I met them. Mystic_1 gets cheeky sometimes.. but I always trust that MystikBabe is there to keep him under control for me... *laughs* MystikBabe was nice enough to send me a pic of her and Mystic_1 that was taken on the 6th April 1999 (mystic2 below). Mystic_1 sent me a photo of himself taken on 22nd May 1999 (mystic1b below). The others I am not sure of the dates of. I am very proud to say that I have pics of the whole family (except Michael who will not sit still long enough) that I can share with you all. The Mystics have been so nice to me through the time that I have known them and if you ever see them around stop to chat with them because it really worth the time :)

MystikBabe Mystic_1 1 Mystic_1 2
Mystics 2 Mystics 3