Kittara's Friends - MagillaGorilla

MagillaGorilla... now here is a character and a half. I remember when I first met Mags. It was in a place called #20+nite-shift that my other friend PaprDragn had taken me to chat in. He was quite the entertainer there. When he was in the room most the time I just sat and watched and laughed. My character headed for the rafters or somewhere else safe to hide from his comedian act. Time went by and I realised that Mags was the bodyguard for the founder of the channel, Niteman (in the chat world of IRC that is). Somehow I ended up being the bodyguard to Mags. He slipped $50 in my pocket and asked me to be his bodyguard. It was quite funny. The Niteman being guarded by MagillaGorilla who was guarded by the DancingAngel. Perhaps I should have found a bodyguard myself. Mags and I started chatting a bit after that and became pretty good friends through the net.

When I travelled to the USA in October of 1999, Mags invited me to stay at his place for about 3 and a half weeks. I had a great time staying at his place and found out that in real life he is as much the comedian that he was on the net. It was funny to watch him on the computer after seeing him from the other side of the net for so long.

While I was there he also took me up to a place called Jackson Hole. On the way there we stopped by a river in one of the forests. I had to take off the shoes I was wearing to walk down the hill to the river because the hill was so steep. When we got down to river I stood on some of the stones so I could put my hand in the water to see how cold it was and both my feet and hands nearly froze. To this day I am still trying to work out whether the rocks were the coldest or the water. Either way they were both cold. We then continued on to Jackson Hole which I found was to be the most original old cowboy town I had ever seen. Right down to the wooden floorboards on the sidewalks and between all the shops, and the saddles for barstools beside the bar in the Cowboy bar.I decided that day that sitting sidesaddle was morew ladylike but it left one butt cheek hanging over the other side of the saddle unguarded. Some guy I did not even know was leaving the bar and on his way out he slapped me on that unguarded butt cheek and said goodbye to me. I did not even know this guy!!! Mags laughed and remarked about how I seem to pick up friends so easily or something like that.

We had an absolute ball up there that day and the drive was well worth it. Mags even dragged me into one of those "Old Time" photo places and managed to scheme me into getting a pic taken with him even though I look like something the cat dragged in from the long drive. The pic from this will be posted here in the future if I have Mags' permission to post it here when he sends me a scanned copy of it. Sadly my own copy was left in USA when I left. The 3 weeks I spent with Mags was a lot of fun all round, for me at least :)

MagillaGorilla will always be a special friend to me and I hope that one day I can return the favor of his hospitality and share with him some of the wonders and beauties of my own country.