Kittara's Friends - Aquaricat

Aqua is a very, very close friend of mine. I met him in real life for the first time on the first day I was in Sweden. I was staying in Stockholm with my sister Unicorn and brother Nicke and they had organised a barbeque to welcome me to the country. Aqua was at it because they had invited him to come. I was so scared to meet him at first, but we all got to drinking and had heaps of fun! Though I have to admit it was strange meeting him in the flesh that first time because I had known Aqua through the internet since about 1996.

I first met him on the net in a place called DaggerWeb Chat which was a PHP chat room dedicated to the game called Daggerfall which is done by Bethesda Softworks. We called DaggerWeb Chat "The Tavern". I was one of the tavern entertainers and he was lurking there most of the time. We have been friends ever since I discovered him lurking in there. Aqua is one of the sweetest and most fun guys I know in the world. He will always be really special to me no matter where the world takes me or what the future may bring. In late October 1999 I am returning to Sweden and Aqua has invited me to stay with him. I will be there for 3 months and he is going to take me sightseeing and to see/research some of the old Viking stuff around the place. Well that stuff which we are able to get to anyways.

A FEW WORDS FROM AQUARICAT: I'd like to have a few words about the nature of these pics... Wrarrl was badgering me like hell to put up a cpl of pics and I scavenged the office for a digicam. Found a Canon ION and had to find the computer and program to download the pics from the cam to .tif and convert to .jpg......

So we all have Wrarrl to thank for these pics :)

Aquaricat 1 Aquaricat 2