Kittara's Friends - Ahnberg

Ahnberg is one of my best friends from Sweden. I shared an apartment with him and a guy called TiamaT in Borlänge, which is an hour or 2 up from Stockholm. My sister and brother, Unicorn and Nicke, drove me up there on the second night I was in Sweden. Ahnberg looked after me and taught me quite a bit about Sweden and its language. We had lots of fun going out to the shops and looking around at all the different things that I was not used to. Ahnberg's one weak spot was that he was terribly ticklish (which I took advantage of at every opportunity of course!). While I was there Ahnberg even "dropped" an extra 8mg of RAM into my computer to fix it so it could run my 3D Graphics programs.. or so is his explanation for the extra 8mg RAM in my machine. Ahnberg is one of the sweetest, loving and caring guys that I know.

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